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Manderes is in the top 200 Featured in the top 200 in the NATION!

Manderes is Best of Sacramento

Sactown Magazine ranked us as one of the best things to do in the Sacramento Area

Manderes is best beer selection in Sacramento

2008 / 2009 / 2010
Winner of the Best Beer Selection in Sacramento

2011 Winner for
Best Bar in Folsom for 2011!
Best Bartender - Lindsay!

2nd Place Runner up for:
Best Happy Hour!
Best Appetizers!

2010 Winner for
Best Bar in Folsom for 2010!
Best Bartender - Brent!

Best Happy Hour!

2nd Place Runner up for:
Best California Cuisine!
Best Casual Dining!
Best Place to Take a Date!
Best Appetizers!

Manderes is the best bar in folsom

2009 Winner for
Best Bar in Folsom for 2009

2nd Place Runner up for:
Best Restaurant!
Best American Food!
Best Waitress - Avalon!
Best Appetizers!


2008 Winner for
Best New Business 2008!
Best Bartender - Brent!

2nd Place Runner up for:
Best Bar!


Urban Spoon


05/30/2009 Sactown Magazine pick us as one of the top 76 things to do in Sacrament

04/30/2009 Voted by you the Best Beer selection in the Sacramento Area KCRA

02/01/2009 Manderes is listed as one of the top 200 beer places in the nation!! Check out Draft Magazine for details

12/10/08 Folsom Telegraph "Manderes is One"

09/10/08 Just the 2 of Us - Liked us.

09/10/08 Munchie Musing  found us

09/05/2008 Manderes offers up the recipe to one of our appitizers. - check the Sierra Style Magazine for details.

09/05/08 Tupalo found us

08/11/08 Beer Mappers Found Us

07/01/08 Happy Pit Bulls came by

06/11/08 Chowhound ate here...

05/15/08 results...

05/15/08 Hop heads pictures re:Tasting

05/14/08 Folsom Telegraph re:Tasting

04/15/2008 IPA Winner Announced

04/15/2008 Manderes wins over Bistro and BJ's in Folsom Telegraphs French Fry Judging Rotarys Wine and Dine - check the Folsom Telegraph

04/15/2008 Participated in Rotarys Wine and Dine - check out the Folsom Telegraph

04/09/2008 Hop Heads North Coast Pictures

03/25/2008 Folsom Telegraph tries us out

03/23/2008 SacBee comes over

02/28/2008 Saint Patricks Day Event at Maderes - We Have Pictures of You!

03/14/2008 Sacramento News and Review - get if off the news stand.

02/28/2008 insiderpages ate here.

02/27/2008 The Hidden Kitchen Listen

02/23/2008 Nominated for the Best Beer Selection of 2008 by KCRA.

02/23/2008 Nor Cal Kayak Anglers found us

02/02/2008 Happy Pit Bulls found us

01/27/2008 Rate beer visited us

01/27/2008 Yelp found us

01/27/2008 Folsom Forum Eats here too

01/22/2008 Sacatomato trys the food

01/10/2008 Pacific Brew News trys the food

01/04/2008 Hop Heads of Sacramento Beer Lovers Union - with Pictures

12/10/2007 Hop Hunter Found Us...

12/10/2007 the Sac Rag

12/9/2007 Pacific Brew News comes for a visit

12/9/2007 Opening Day

12/5/2007 Friends Dry Run

12/3/2007 More Blogs are finding us

12/1/2007 Blogs are finding us

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